Cascade Bike Expo 2014 and Photography Show

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This past week has been a fun and busy one. On Tuesday I went to Uptown Espresso in Seattle for the ASMP meeting. That’s always a good time. Lots of good info and helpful people. Then I walked around with my film camera I just got testing out a roll of film. Walked to glazers and picked up a 500cm Hasselblad body. I’m so looking forward to shooting a hassy again. Then went up to Shoreline for a fstop meeting. We had a reporter from the “the Ebbtide” asking about the club and what we do. I was quoted in the paper that came out on February 28th 2014. The club got half a page not to bad. Mostly it talked about the magazine that the club has produced.


This past weekend I went to Seattle again for the Cascade Bike Show. Amazing bikes and other products. My favorite things were the old bikes they had on display and the new wood bikes. I was asked to be a Photo judge for the Cascade Bike Expo photography contest. I got to see a lot of fun photos and meet some other great judges. A great time.


Since I took photos on film I have not had time to develop them yet but will add them soon I hope.