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I tutor photography students and Shoreline Community College. It’s a fun time for me to be able to help out others. I also can get my darkroom fix as I miss using a darkroom and wish I could have one at home. One of the things that comes up often is the magic of the paper as the image comes into view. Not matter how old you are it’s a neat process. Over the last year or so I’ve seen more students go back to film. I think it’s encouraging that they want to learn this art. It also gives them a better understanding of who the camera works and slows them done to better frame their photos and understand what they want out of the image before they take a picture.

It’s aways interesting what a student finds intriguing and what they want to learn. I often relearn or find a style I did not know about. It’s great to give back to fellow photographers. It helps push me too.

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