2013 Seattle Local Business Summit put on by Dex Digital

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I went to Seattle Local Business Summit put on by Dex Digital. I’m not sure what I expected but they did put on a nice event. The dinner was great and the goodie bag I thought was nice as I love books. The books were Propel by Whitney Keyes and Small Town Rules by Barry j. Moltz and Becky McCray. Both Whitney and Barry spoke. Barry is an entertainer for sure. The panel that took questions was good too. It did run late but they took care of parking so you really can’t complain.
Did I learn a lot? Not really but for most people I think you would if your just getting into business. I think I would go again as just on thing learned can really help out. I mostly felt that I was on the right path as I left the event. I did meet a few other photographers and a few other people.
If you have time you should go next year.