Photography for an Ebay Listing.

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I’ve been selling on ebay for a long time. I find that the best way to get top dollar for an item is to have a great description and killer photos. My client did a great job on describing his product. In this case a autococker. His description:

“2005  WGP Blackmagic autococker

Eclipse E-2 trigger frame & board w/ samurai trigger

Eclipse Ram w/ eclipse QEV’s

Eclipse LPR

Dye Hyper2 regulator w/ forward angled adapter

CP razor drop



I am the only owner of the marker, purchased new in December 2005.  It has been used and shows some signs of wear like minor scratches and scuffs, but it has been very well taken care of an in really good shape.   I play only woodsball so it’s ‘blacked out’ as much as possible.  Included are the original Blackmagic manual and the Eclipse E-2 manual too.

Shoots fast and accurate, with no leaks or issues.

Spare parts included:

1 – 5way solenoid manifold w/ housing & 2 spare gaskets

1 – Eclipse E-2 board

1 – Eye wire cover w/ 2 screws  & 2 spare eye wire harnesses

1 – Eclipse EVO ram

2 – Eclipse QEV’s

1 – WGP  Tickler LPR

1 – Trigger frame solenoid


Also included is a rare, and hard to find WGP Kaner barrel kit in great condition.  The kit includes a padded case with 5 barrel backs: .682, .685, .687, .689, .691 and 3 barrel tips giving you the choice of a 12”, 14”, or 16” overall length barrel.  The Kaner kit was designed by WGP specifically for Autocockers with barrel backs that are longer than other traditional 2 piece barrel backs.  They stick out further in front of the pneumatics allowing a better grip to be easier to screw on/off. ”

We also put up a YouTube video.

Then came the photos I had taken for him in my Woodinville studio.