Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days

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I’ve been watching Joey Coleman on Creativelive. His class is called “Turn Customers Into Fans in the First 100 Days” Sadly I have not seen all of it. Having kids and a business to run makes if hard but I did get a lot out of the free live broadcast. Today is the last live day but the rebroadcast should be good too.

I’ve seen a lot of good info before but most of the time they come from the view that you have clients already. To follow up with your clients. I think that’s great but what if your just starting? I feel that you have to setup a what you will do when you get a client. Because I have found that once you start getting people in the door it’s hard to slow down to set things up. So if your just starting out you should try and setup a workflow that you will only have to adjust once your clients start flooding in.

Once that happens your like a lot of what Joey Coleman talks about. As a photographer I find that it can be hard to have repeat customers since many feel they only need one shot. Things have been changing and I have been getting better at understanding what my clients want. It’s a win, win when that happens.