Studio and the Shed

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It all started by looking on craigslist. I buy a lot of gear on craigslist and other things over the years. Looking around I found a shed on CL and thought that might work. My current studio was getting filled up with a lot of gear, props and sadly other household items. I needed more space. So I emailed, then call, then talked to the county and everything seemed good. I drove over to Ellensburg and bought the big shed. That’s when things started to fall apart. It took months to finally get the shed. Here but once it was here I had a few other problems. Soon they multiplied. I felt like I was in the movie Money Pit. But the dream was still alive so I went forward. This is the story of my adventure.


Blocks for the shed delivered!


Blocks for the shed delivered! Lowes truck
Blocks for the shed delivered!


The Shed finally arrives!


The Shed finally arrives!
The Shed finally arrives!

The inside gets a face lift.

IMG_6588 IMG_6631 IMG_6684 IMG_6666 IMG_6745

Oh dear the county decided it didn’t like the shed.


Weeks go by and it’s decided the best thing it to split the shed into three to make the county happy.

IMG_7115 IMG_7135 IMG_7104 IMG_7084 IMG_7220 IMG_7211

The county wanted it apart too so now its a village. And some of my twitter followers are calling me Johnny Three Sheds!




Its scary moving around these things!IMG_7208


At this point my budget has almost doubled. But we press on.


The drywall is going up and now we are feeling better.


Still working on it, but my 3 week timeline is closing in on 9 months!

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