Darkroom and a 4×5 camera

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I’ve been working at Shoreline Community College awhile in different areas. I love to tutor in photography and find the saying is true that teaching is the best way to really learn something. This quarter I’ve been working in the darkroom. The fun thing has been the number of students learning to process their own film. Not just any film but 4×5 sheets. The school has a couple of 4×5 cameras and I love using them. The students have had all sorts of troubles but once they get a good negative all the pain goes away and excitement fills them up. I love it! I also own a 4×5 that I take out and every time I do people stop and ask questions. It’s fun to share and go at a slower pace. Plus I still get excited myself when I see an image on the ground glass under the cloth.  If you ever get a chance to play with a large format camera I would encourage you to take it. Happy adventures!